Weekend Childcare


At Starting Point, we know that child care needs don’t only exist on a 9-to-5, Monday-to-Friday schedule. Many families have child care needs seven days a week, and our goal is to ensure that you can easily access information for local child care options on the weekend, too.

When selecting any child care center program, you should ask yourself—

  • What kind of routines and activities will my child be able to engage in?
  • How does the child care program ensure that my child’s experience will be developmentally appropriate and help them grow?
  • Is the facility or home clean, inviting, and welcoming for my child?
  • What kinds of training do the child care providers at the center engage in to continuously improve their work with children?
  • Do the providers have specific requirements that their caregivers/teachers have to meet? (Background checks, education)
  • Which child care programs are within my budget and align with what I hope my child receives?

Looking for weekend programs? Our Family Resource Navigators can help you find programs to meet your needs – call us today. To help you feel even more confident in your child care choice, we recommend using our Child Care Center checklist when calling or visiting a potential child care site.

For more information or help finding weekend child care, call us at (216) 575-0561.

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