Important Action Needed: Advocate for Quality Child Care

Ohio Budget News

Last week we shared an update on the state budget process and disappointing removals of critical funding opportunities to support Ohio children and families (read more). This includes new language to limit Step Up To Quality further.

Step Up To Quality provides a standard for excellence for child care programs in Ohio, and more importantly, it gives families a tool to help them make informed choices about the child care they choose. Step Up To Quality helps families know that programs follow best practices for quality- including hiring qualified teachers and using a research-based curriculum. 

What would this proposed change mean? Fewer children will have access to high-quality early learning opportunities, and families will have fewer quality choices when choosing care. Let your legislators know that Ohio’s children and families deserve more.

What can you do?

Reach out to your representatives now- we are weeks away from a signed budget.

Call or Email:

“Hello, my name is ____________, and I live at __________________. I am calling today to urge you to invest in Ohio’s early childhood education system by replacing the funding removed from the Governor’s budget proposal for child care eligibility, child care scholarships for critical workers, and Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation, as well as remove the harmful provisions that would weaken Ohio’s early education system by further eroding Step Up To Quality. Quality child care matters to me because ________________Thank you for your consideration.”




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