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About Out-of-School Time

Starting Point’s network of Out-of-School time programs serves more than 2,500 K-12 children annually in Cuyahoga County through a public-private partnership with Cuyahoga County Family and Children First Council and The Cleveland Foundation.

Out-of-School Time (OST) programs, also known as afterschool and summer programs, play a pivotal role in fostering healthy youth development. These programs offer more than just a safe and structured environment. They provide a unique space where children can learn, grow, and thrive outside regular school hours. By participating in OST activities, children not only develop essential social, emotional, and academic skills but also gain experiences that contribute to their overall well-being and future success. Through our valued partnership with Cuyahoga County Family and Children First Council and The Cleveland Foundation, we have built a robust network of OST programs that serve over 2,500 children annually in Cuyahoga County. These partnerships enable us to offer high-quality programs that cater to the diverse needs and interests of the children in our community.

If you’re considering OST opportunities for your child, rest assured that our dedicated team at Starting Point is here to guide you. We are committed to providing personalized assistance and connecting you with the best resources to ensure your child finds an OST program that aligns with their interests and needs. Whether you’re interested in afterschool programs, holiday activities, or summertime camps, we have a diverse range of options available.

You can visit our Out-of-School Time locator to make the search more manageable. This tool allows you to find and explore various afterschool, holiday, and summertime activities in Cuyahoga County, including various summer camps. We aim to ensure that every child has access to the enriching experiences that OST programs offer, helping them grow into healthy, happy, and well-rounded individuals.

Out-of-School Time Locator

To find after-school, holiday, and summertime activities in Cuyahoga County—including summer camps—youth and/or their families can also call a Starting Point Family Resource Navigator at 216.575.0061.

Starting Point provides an Out-of-School Time locator

MyCom Network Lead Agency for After-School Programs

Starting Point is proud to be the MyCom lead agency for out-of-school time. Learn more about MyCom here.

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