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Finding accessible child care can be challenging. But with Starting Point, you can rest assured. We have the connections, information, and tips to help families find high-quality child care, early learning, and out-of-school time programming that best suits their needs. Our expertise in this field ensures you get the best care for your child.

What types of child care options are there?

Family Child Care Homes

Family Child Care Homes also known as home-based child care, are intimate child care settings operated within a provider’s home. In these nurturing environments, a caregiver—often a parent—provides care and early education to a small group of children, typically ranging from infants to school-age. Unlike larger daycare centers, family child care homes offer a more personalized setting with a home-like atmosphere, where each child receives individualized care and attention. Family Child Care Homes do not require special licensing to be a caregiver, but Starting Point does offer free training and materials to support those who aspire to be certified. 

Center Based Child Care

Center-based Child Care facilities, sometimes called daycare centers, provide a structured environment where children receive supervised care and early education in groups. These centers cater to children of different ages, from infants to preschoolers, and are run by trained professionals who oversee activities, meals, and education. The centers must meet licensing requirements established by the Ohio Department of Children and Youth Services and prioritize staff training to provide optimal child education and development.

The options below will help make your journey to high-quality child care easier!

Child Care Finder
Special Needs Child Care
Affording Child Care
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