Men in Early Education

Men in Early Childhood is a program that works to bring more males into the system to serve as role models and to promote boy-friendly classroom strategies to bring out the best of boys’ innate abilities.

About Us

Too many boys are falling behind in early childhood programs. Following strategies developed by the Starting Point Boys’ Project, Men in Early Childhood works to bring more males into the system to serve as role models and to promote boy-friendly classroom strategies to bring out the best of boys’ innate abilities. They also offer guidance and feedback to the Boys’ Project.

For example, boys often find it difficult to sit still and listen—but this is what they’re expected to do in many early childhood settings. Males are also in short supply in early childhood settings—leaving the boys woefully short of role models at this critical age. These are two of the issues the group is addressing.

Men in Early Childhood consists of males involved in early childhood as teachers, administrators, trainers and technical assistance consultants.


Men in Early Childhood is looking for males to volunteer for Read2Me, a Starting Point program that brings men into early childhood classrooms to interact with and read to preschoolers in their classrooms. Volunteers are scheduled for 15 minutes each, reading from the Read2Me Literacy Program Book List, which features boy-friendly titles.

Read2Me is aimed at stimulating boys’ learning and addressing the specific needs of young boys, particularly African-Americans and Hispanic/Latinos.

Boy-Friendly Programs

Key to helping young boys succeed in their early childhood programs are increasing awareness of the need for boy-friendly programs and ensuring that young boys have positive male role models, both volunteers and professionals. Men in Early Childhood

  • promotes community dialogue on issues impacting the lives of boys;
  • reviews and discusses research findings and boy-friendly strategies and programs; and
  • develops training programs to integrate boy-friendly strategies into early childhood curricula.

Get Involved

Above all, Men in Early Childhood wants adult, high school or college males to get involved in early childhood—whether it’s to spend 15 minutes reading in a classroom, volunteering to talk about their jobs, participating in their child’s program or becoming an early education teacher, assistant or administrator. There are many opportunities for jobs in the early education field.

Boy's Project

Starting Point is addressing the special needs of boys in early childhood through this innovative first-in-the-nation initiative. If you’ve ever wondered how boys’ brains work and how to get the most out of their special attributes, arrange a training session for your staff. Call Constance Walker at 575-0061 or e-mail

Did you know?

A 2009 Starting Point study showed that an alarming 72 percent of Cuyahoga County, Ohio three-to-six year-olds identified with social/emotional problems were boys? Or that boys, on average, are a year to a year-and-a-half behind girls in reading and writing skills? These are two of the many issues regarding boys that Men in Early Childhood is addressing.

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