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You can help Starting Point make a difference for the children of Northeast Ohio through your generous donations and involvement

Starting Point is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to making a difference in the lives of children in Northeast Ohio. We provide a variety of services to children, including educational programs, tutoring, and mentoring. We also offer after-school and summer programs designed to keep kids safe and engaged during their free time. Our ultimate goal is to help every child reach their full potential. You can help us make a difference by donating your time or money to our cause. Your involvement will make a direct impact on the lives of children in our community. Thank you for your support!

Your generous contribution helps Starting Point lift the lives of countless youngsters and lead them to later success. That, in turn, creates healthier communities, fewer people in poverty and a renewed vitality for our region. Every $1 invested in early childhood education yields a $7 return. Your gift can be a starting point toward a better future for all of us.
Search Providers
The more people help, the more Starting Point can do. There are many roles to fill. You can: Read to children in early childhood classrooms through Read2Me. Contact Constance Walker Be a literacy volunteer. Contact Penny Mead Join the Men in Early Childhood network. Contact Constance Walker Volunteer at a local early childhood center as teacher helpers or mentors, talk to children about your career or offer your professional expertise. Contact an early childhood program near you.
Take Action
It’s important that people know the importance of quality early childhood programs to our children’s futures. Get informed with our e-mail child care alerts and legislative updates. Become an advocate for making quality child care a community priority. Talk with friends and neighbors, contact your local, state and national legislators or get involved with local efforts to advocate for quality early childhood and out-of-school time.
Donate Goods
We’re always on the lookout for good books, toys, needed supplies and equipment. Starting Point has a lending library of helpful books for teachers and parents plus books and toys that nurture children’s brains. Our affiliated agencies also need equipment and supplies for children with special needs. If you’re in a position to donate items like these, please contact Constance Walker.
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Summer Hours: Starting Point offices are Hybrid Monday - Thursday, Fully Remote on Fridays.