Community Data Bank

Need Data on the Child Care Industry in Northeast Ohio?

We're your Starting Point.

Starting Point is the only agency in Northeast Ohio with comprehensive data on the state of the regional child care industry, including staffing, quality, capacity, and underserved areas. 

Community Data Services

Whether you’re looking to start a child care program and want to know what your local landscape looks like, trying to write grants that fill gaps in services for children and families in Northeast Ohio, Starting Point’s Data Service is the right place to start. We have data on Out-of-School Time providers, preschools and pre-k programs, and child care providers in family care homes and center-based programs.

Data Request Form

Data Request Form

Make a request for data using this form. A Starting Point team member will get back to you within one business week.

How does Starting Point use our data?

Great question. Starting Point uses the data bank to pinpoint neighborhoods with child care shortages, income levels of parents seeking care, need for care, and other statistics. This helps us plan region-wide services and programs for families, providers, and the community.

For Ashtabula, Lake Geauga, and Cuyahoga Counties the data is a valuable source of information on children and their families. The data bank is also helpful for grant writing and identifying areas where we can make the greatest impact. It is an essential tool for anyone working to improve the lives of children and their families in our region–Starting Point team, included. 

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